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DOT  Inspection Service 

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Regular DOT inspections are mandatory for all commercial diesel trucks and fleets to ensure compliance with regulations. The frequency of these inspections varies based on factors such as the vehicle type, usage, and industry-specific requirements. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of these regulations and will work closely with you to determine the appropriate inspection schedule for your vehicles. Rest assured, we prioritize your compliance and the safety of your operations.

Worker inspecting engine

 Are DOT Inspections Necessary?

The Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) has implemented stringent regulations for commercial trucks to ensure safe operations and compliance with federal laws. Regular inspections are a crucial part of this process as they help prevent accidents and injuries caused by potential malfunctions or driver errors.

At our company, we provide certified DOT inspectors who conduct comprehensive onsite inspections. Our inspections cover various critical areas such as braking systems, tires, lights, mirrors, driver logbooks, medical certifications, and adherence to hours of service regulations. By offering these meticulous inspections, we help our clients maintain compliance, enhance safety, and mitigate risks on the road.

What To Expect

The inspection process encompasses six distinct levels, each targeting specific criteria. The initial level, which is typically the standard for most truck owners and operators, involves a comprehensive examination of both the truck and trailer, including thorough assessments of driver conditions and documentation for fleet owners. The remaining four levels focus on specific areas, such as sections of the truck and trailer, the driver alone, or the cargo being transported. The final level only applies to those handling hazardous or non-standard materials, such as medical waste or nuclear substances.

During a roadside check, the process closely mirrors the procedures conducted through our mobile service.


This entails:

  • Evaluating critical vehicle systems, such as brakes and tires.

  • Verifying the functionality and adequacy of safety equipment and systems, including mirrors and lights.

  • Reviewing the driver's documentation to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

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Discover the convenience and cost-effectiveness of LA On-Site Fleet Services' mobile DOT Inspections. Say goodbye to the hassle of taking trucks out of service and transporting them to fixed inspection facilities. Our expert team brings the inspection directly to your location, saving you time and money. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information and experience the convenience firsthand.

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